By M.Hall8365

I was greatly impressed with Oasis staff. In particular, Cameron was very helpful and understanding when he did the initial interview. Unlike many of the other companies we interviewed, he spoke to my mom directly, and treated her with respect. Others spoke to me and referred to her in the third person. Regardless of how infirm someone is, it is good to treat them like a person. Reanne and Georgia were both very helpful as well, and gave me a high level of confidence. I was particularly impressed with how Oasis staff handled the damage to my mother’s car. Reanne and Cameron went out of their way to have the car repaired with minimal impact to us.

By AllisonD

Oasis provided personalized, compassionate, professional care that was both responsive and non-intrusive for my Mother. I appreciated how everyone cheered my mothers successes even when it meant decreased need for services through Oasis. I would not hesitate to return to Oasis and would highly recommend them to those in need of care for their loved ones.

By L Stoddard

Oasis provided care for both my mother and father. All of the care givers were so good to my parents (and the whole family). For the most part they treated my parents like family. They were kind, compassionate, respectful and promptly dealt with most aspects of their job. Everyone in the main office was always willing to help, and I loved the creative solutions to some challenging problems I presented them with.

By Rebecca G.

I highly recommend for your home care needs – better than opposing industries near by.

By Alicia T.

Oasis In-Home Care is an amazing company and we had a wonderful aid, Brenda, who provided us with more than just care for my mother who was suffering from an aggressive cancer. The entire experience, given the current circumstance, was great. They are very communicative, helpful, professional, and caring. We only had our aid for a few days, but she provided excellent care and gave as a peace of mind during a terrible time. Cant recommend this company enough if you are in need of at home care.

By Carolyn A.

I was  very pleased with Oasis.  Our caregiver was Yolanda and she was so helpful and also reliable during the time she helped me with my husband.  I would recommend this organization for care for your loved one.