Oasis In-Home Care

Safer At Home:

Oasis In-Home Care is continuing to staff new and existing clients during the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the COVID-19 infections (and tragically, deaths) in care facilities, your loved one is safer at home.

This pandemic and quarantine has been disruptive for many families. With all of the challenges, you shouldn’t have to feel worry about your loved one’s care and well being! We are also aware of how our services provide support to the current healthcare system.

As a vital part of the healthcare continuum, we:

  • Minimize preventable hospitalizations and infections by ensuring that our clients are well cared for at home.
  • Support clients in vital activities of daily living, in the safety and comfort of home.
  • Ensures that you or your loved ones’ home and immediate environment is being regularly disinfected in order to minimize contamination risk.
  • Minimize the vectors of infection by limiting the number of people caring for your loved one.

If you or your loved one could use a little support during this time, please contact us today. Your loved one is safer at home. We’re here for you.